Where Pantheon Can Go From Here

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    This is the third and final installment on my blog series about Pantheon's status.  You can find the first here: https://www.pantheonrotf.com/blogs/1453/95/the-mistakes-pantheon-made and the second here: https://www.pantheonrotf.com/blogs/1453/96/things-pantheon-did-right

    As with the previous editions, I worked from a word document.  You can find a nicely formated version of this post here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9KW0-YiNVWqcjhIak92SjBaSUU/edit?usp=sharing

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    Where Pantheon Can Go From Here

    Please note, these are merely my own feelings and observations.  They are not so much prescriptive of what I feel people should do, but more descriptive of what I personally think people could do.

    1. It is clear that development on the Pantheon MMO has stopped and will not begin w/o a large scale investor
    a. That means, until Brad secures funding there is little for the community to do
    b. Brad should continue to seek all possible funding and exhaust all leads that come his way
    i. I am confident he is doing this
    c. In the meantime, Brad could continue to discuss, develop, and display design facets of the game
    i. The HLDD on Climate is a good example of things that can still be produced to interact with the community and attract investors
    d. The other dev team members will have to decide on their own what their level of involvement will be
    2. The other members of the dev team have several options
    a. They can stick with Pantheon and hope that funding comes through
    b. They can take jobs elsewhere to provide for themselves and their families
    i. They can commit to returning to Pantheon once funding comes in or forswear working on the game any further according to each one’s preference
    c. They can strike out on their own and begin developing a new IP
    i. This new IP could have the same design goal or Pantheon, or not depending on how viable they feel such a goal is
    ii. This new IP would necessarily be owned by a company separate from VRI
    iii. They could, if they wanted, seek out volunteers from the community to help, I have no doubt they’d find many
    iv. It is my personal opinion that none of the dev team should be afraid to take this step if they feel it is right for them
    1. I will not lie, though.  It would call for a heavy sacrifice and a large leap of faith
    3. Brad, and the other stakeholders still in VRI, could decide to release all of the Pantheon lore, coding, original Unity assets, etc. under a Creative Commons, Open Source, and/or Copyleft license
    a. I feel this would be an unlikely scenario, but it is an option
    b. Doing this would allow the community at large to take control of the project and develop it from there
    4. The community must make a hard decision:
    a. Stick here and hope funding comes through and be prepared to help once it does
    b. Or, find another game to support with all their might
    i. Each will have to make his or her own decision about that
    c. Waffle between those two options

    On a personal level, I am dubious about the chances of Pantheon ever seeing an actual launch.  The track record so far shows that mistakes are all too common and successes are mainly tied to the incredible work of the Lore4 team.  I believe in the vision that spawned Pantheon one hundred thousand percent.  My faith in that will never waver, even if my support for Pantheon itself were to wane considerably.  Hence, I would be interested in working with any team, whether associated with the developers here or not, on an MMORPG that captures the essence of what made early online 3d MUDs like EverQuest1 a success.  I value every minute I’ve spent with this project, including the wonderful people I’ve played P99 with.  I hope to continue interacting with you as we all continue our quest to bring back what was good about the early days of online roleplaying. 



  • Rapha
    Rapha All three of your blogs are very well thought out with some great points. I have been very glad to be a part of this community of people such as yourself and hope to work with many of you again either here in Terminus or in lands elsewhere.

    Much...  more
    April 17, 2014 - 6 like this
  • CanadinaXegony
    CanadinaXegony I think...that at this time it is most important for Brad to be seen still working at this project, or keeping us informed about what things he's worked on behind the scenes, I realize he can't name names of prospective investors, he's sent his resume...  more
    April 23, 2014