Replacing a group member in Pantheon

  • Hey all, I need to leave, its bed time for me and they camp out and now you are needing to replace them but you are deep into a dungeon and there is no way to go out and get the replacement, what do you do?

    My thoughts on this are that in this game we are all risen hero's in the game and we have special powers granted to us that become available to us when in a group where the need of the group comes up. I propose a special ability that the group can activate to summon a replacement player to them anywhere in the world but at a cost so as not to trivialize it. Should there be a component cost, power cost, item cost or all of the above or even something else?

    1) power cost? if so how much?

    2) Health cost? again if so how much?

    3) Component cost?

    4) long recast time? how long?

    5) all of the above?

    6) none of the above?

    7) something else? 


  • Raidan
    Raidan character before death and summoning a full health/mana.

    #4: There should be a long recast timer, again, to reduce the ability to zerg and to use as intended. Even if you had a "res effect" type ability, people would still attempt to abuse the...  more
    May 10, 2014
  • Raidan
    Raidan more importantly, most likely keep a camp "broken" without having to rebreak everything again. Really annoying that your comments get cut off due to length. I know its probably a good TLDR sign that it exists, but for something like a blog "think tank"...  more
    May 10, 2014
  • CanadinaXegony
    CanadinaXegony for me I don't like the trend of the "kick-happy" folks that I saw in Rift and elsewhere, it would be nice if there were some brakes put on that kind of behaviour, and people learned to work with each other and try to get along. Too much anonymity and...  more
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  • Jason
    Jason In Vanguard healers could summon people to their side as long as they were grouped and in the same chunk. If they were a dungeon then often that person would have to at least be just inside the dungeon. Perhaps Pantheon can do summoning in a completely...  more
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