Hannar Stormwolf, second of his name

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    This is the story of Hannar Stormwolf, second of his name, Warden of the Forests of the Falmyrys – passing 3 generations beyond the last of his forefathers to walk in the homeland of Mythantya. Forsaking the crusading priesthood of his father, he was the first of his kin to embrace the land of Celestius and blend the natural powers of the Falmyrys with its new found environment.  Serving as a Druid in the Etryan forces, he fell in brutal fashion during the War of Dragons and Elves at the claws of the red beast Zar’Orroxus.  This is the story of his fall; a story, to this day, unheard of by his people, known only to the whispers of the forest.
    Blood coursed from the gash in Hannar’s thigh.  Summoning what remained of his magical essence, he tried and failed to seal the wound.  Too much damage had been done to the underlying bone and muscle.  The leg was surely broken.  He had healed worse in the past, of course, but the damage done to his leg was secondary to the damage done to the forest around him.  Nature, it seemed, suffered the same wounds.
    For a week this band of Rangers and Druids and Crusaders had marched on the front lines of the battle, leveraging the powers of the Falmyrys and their woodland home against the onslaught of dragonkind.  But the battle had gone ill and Hannar’s group had been separated from the ranks of his Etryan brothers.  What was left of their band had been pressed against the fjord of the Sundered Sea and the cliffs awaiting them there, and the depths of the Lost Lake ahead.  There was no route back home that did not pass through the dragon forces, and with their numbers diminished, that meant there was no route at all.
    The dragons, of course, knew this as well.  For the last two days they had scorched the forest around the Elven holdouts, an effort to destroy both the psychological and magical strength of the few remaining Elves.  While many dragons had returned to their frontal attack on the Falmyrys itself, those left behind to eliminate Hannar’s group were going to enjoy their efforts.  The fire dragon Zar’Orroxus was chief in the efforts of the remaining clan, and held court from the air while others contained borders on the ground.  With no escape, no hope of victory, and the very source of his natural magic burned to the ground, Hannar knew his end was near.
    As he surveyed the landscape around him, he spotted a break in the tree line near Jubal’s boulder on the cliffs overlooking the Sundered Sea.  It was said that the great Mage Jubal had once flung himself from these cliffs, rather than fall prey to goblin hordes that surrounded him.  Hannar faced a similar choice now.  With what remained of his strength, he stumbled the roughly 300 paces required to reach the rock, cast himself upon it, and flashed his scimitar in the sunlight above.  It did not take long for Zar’Orroxus to discern the movement from his patrol above, and he plunged through the smoky air into the forest below and crashed into the earth before the cliffs.
    The great expanse of his wings blacked out the sun.  He perceived that the Druid’s wounds had rendered him incapable of mounting a defense.  Zar’Orroxus patrolled the tree line, half ensuring that Hannar was alone, half forcing the Elf’s torment to linger on.  With a great claw he rent a trench line in the ground between the forest and the Elf, then set it ablaze with the firey liquid from his snout.  He reared himself on his hind legs, spread his wings and claws into the sky, and simultaneously torched the clouds above while sending the whip of his tail crashing against the rock on which Hannar lay, smashing it into a hundred pieces.
    Hannar tumbled towards the edge of the cliffs.  Zar’Orroxus pounced upon him, pressing his great snout against the Elf’s face.  With one last heave, Hannar shoved the tip of his scimitar into the dragon’s chest, but it was met instantly with a clank, and the blade slipped off its intended target while inflicting no damage.  The scales of a dragon are not so easily pierced.  Zar’Orroxus swiped at Hannar with a claw and flipped him back towards the flames.  As Hannar tried to crawl away, the dragon severed the Elf’s spine, cutting him from shoulder to hip with a single claw.  As light faded from his eyes, and all feeling was gone, Hannar met his end.  Zar’Orroxus grasped what remained of the Elf and flung him from the cliffs and into the Sundered Sea.
    The story of Zar’Orroxus and his death must wait for another time.  Though winning a victory today, the dragonkind would eventually fall, and the Stormwolf line flourish again.  Although they would never learn of their father’s fate, Fayley and Hangard Stormwolf would each play a vital role in the final battle of Elf and dragonkind.  And through their efforts, the Stormwolf name would live on.