Life Beyond Kickstarter

  • In recent days, there has been a steady stream of negativity and false assumptions surrounding the fate of the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter. Most of these revolve around with the Rerolled type of individuals who seem to revel in the fact that the Kickstarter from their favorite villians, Salim and Brad, "tanked". Some have gone so far as to dance on the ashes of the campaign while chanting victory songs at how happy they were to see it fail.


    What they don't understand and didn't anticipate is the power of positive reinforcement, the strength of the team, their passion for moving forward despite the odds, and the overwhelming support of the community at large who has been with the team since the beginning and have been throwing their support behind the website and community website with a vengeance. Proof, as they say, that community and teamwork win the day, every time.


    So much so, in fact, that the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has already raised over 133 thousand dollars in the first few days (as of this writing) since the Kickstarter came to an end. Failure? I hardly think so! That, my friends, is the rallying cry of a community who wants to see this game see the light of day, who trusts the team making it, and who want to be here for the long haul. The epitome of commitment and teamwork!



    Are they finished yet? Absolutely not. They still have a long way to go, but the obvious truth regarding this project is that the Kickstarter campaign was just the beginning. Now that they have funding officially coming in through private crowdfunding, the team has already had their first official staff meeting on Tuesday, the 25th of February, to discuss the ongoing development and assign goals now that there is real money on the table. From here, it's onward and upward. 


    What can we expect to see from the team in the coming weeks, months and years ahead? Lots! First and foremost, it is an absolute myth that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is dead in the water. The game development is very much alive and well and moving ahead full-steam. As the community continues to reach out to the fansites and players around the world, more money will continue to come in from crowdfunding and other traditional sources, plus the varying levels of subscriptions allow future players the opportunity to have a direct line of contact with the development well as the opportunity to have their voice heard in the development process. 


    Not only can you back the game, but there are monthly subscriptions that carry with them a variety of benefits, such as the Think Tank, the Polling system, the Apprentice Development forum and, more importantly, the round table sessions with the development team where players can directly interact with the Visionary Realms team. Above and beyond that, there is the upcoming live development streams where players will be able to tune in and watch the developers continue to make the game. Think the Rob and Dan Show episodes, but one on one!


    So while there might be some anti-Pantheon players out there who want to see this project fail, the unfortunate reality for them (sorry, naysayers!) is that the game is already full-swing in the middle of the early stages of development. The team is dedicated to making it happen, and the support from the veteran community of MMORPGers has been largely positive, with proof positive given directly with their wallets as they help fund a game that they've all been waiting to play since the evolution of the modern MMORPG has eradicated the once-glory-days of old, when challenge, community and teamwork actually meant something. 


    Buckle up, boys and girls. Warp speed is just ahead. 


  • Killian
    Killian TW, as usual, fully agree! I went to kicktraq to check the first several days of the KS campaign, and so far, we are trending better, for longer, on the new site! Not what the naysayers predicted, not even close

    In the interest of embracing your...  more
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  • CanadinaXegony
    CanadinaXegony @ Killian I would love that...but at the same time I wouldn't want those that "hate" to think anything was created or done because of their behaviour. That would give them too much credit.
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  • Thump
    Thump I learned about this project very late in the KSer, I did see alot of negativity going around, and thankfully some optimism as well (Thank you Canadina). I weighed it all and found i would rather invest in something i believe in (whether it succeeds or...  more
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  • Thump
    Thump Additionally i plan on contributing more in the next 3 years as finances permit, i only ask that the team never surrenders the creative rights to this game.
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