Values of Community

  • Open letter to the community:


    Hey everybody. I'm eolith, I go by Jonathan Allain IRL. I just want to put an idea out to the community for thought, comment, and hopefully action. The short version is that I'd love for everyone to treat each other well on this community, take the time to formulate coherent thoughts, and share opinions in a fashion that will differentiate this community from other gaming communities before and after. I believe the only way to make this happen is to treat each other with respect and humility.


    I think Visionary Realms is off to a great start in facilitating this by requiring a subscription to post and be a voice of the community. Too often people with no investment in a community feel they have the right to burden said community with their whiney, gripey, voice while sharing an opinion that has no more merit than the next guy and is often based on purely selfish desires. This initial barrier to entry will hopefully filter out many of those voices that don't have a true stake in the community itself and do not have the internal maturity to limit their participation to positive and constructive communication. 


    I'm hoping that those that do choose to participate in this community will do so out of a desire to build an atmosphere of camaraderie, kindness, and generosity; silencing unnecessary criticism while extending a respectful, helping hand to those around them. The very nature of the principles of this game are about positive social interaction in order to build those memories that only truly come from functioning groups. It is my hope that the Pantheon community earns a reputation for maturity, respect, kindness, and simply being "excellent to each other." 


    So, fellow future Pantheon players, let's be good, nay... awesome, to each other. Let us draw people in to our community - because of our community - as much as the game itself.

  • Max63
    Max63 Wow, that is well said! The more people that try and implement and follow it the better. A lot of us here, want this game to happen, very badly.
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  • Ahwey
    Ahwey Great post, Eolith. We have a lot of very passionate people already in this community and the crowd is going to grow. Let's Bill and Ted this for sure.
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  • Forlaen
    Forlaen Anybody hear Bill & Ted just for a second? Be excellent to each other! .
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  • eolith
    eolith @Forlaen & Kyndread - that's not unintended
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