THe Enchanter

Available Races

Dark Myr





Like the current of a raging river is the pull of an Enchanter on the mind of their adversaries. Through a single word, the Enchanter can turn the intent of an enemy and break even the strongest of wills into submission. Whether through trickery or coercion, the Enchanter is adept at controlling the battlefield and forming order out of chaos.

Group Role: Crowd Control, Utility

Combat Resource: Mana

Available Armor


Available Weapons

One-Handed Piercing
One-Handed Blunt
Two-Handed Staves
Certain Shields

Featured Abilities


Passive Ability. Causes you to naturally absorb X% of incoming damage. Once that amount of damage has been absorbed, Runeskin will fade for Y duration before passively reactivating at full effect. Runeskin’s damage absorption capacity will slowly replenish over time when not taking damage.

Lyrith’s Embellishment

Passive Ability. Your skill with physical enchantment and illusions has made you adept in the art of persuasion. Your buy prices will be decreased and your sell prices will be increased with most vendors.

Inside Voice

Passive Ability. The longer your target has been under the effects of your Mesmerizing abilities, the less likely they will be to resist your Charm abilities.

Mental Terraformer

Passive. Epic Skill. Your Charm spells now have a small innate chance to permanently Charm your target. Permanent Charm will break when you die or zone.

Illusion Graft: Acuity

You graft an illusion into your ally’s mind, granting them an increased sense of mental acuity. While active, your ally’s Spell-Casting Speed will be increased by X%.

Lyrith’s Grace

You enchant your target’s mind to judge you more amiably, increasing your unique faction standing with that target for a short time.

Enshire’s Faint Whisper

You enchant your ally’s mind with serenity, causing them to relax and allowing their Mana to regenerate more quickly.


The art of Illusion-crafting is a staple of the Enchanter’s toolkit. As you grow in power, you will learn a vast array of Illusions to suit a multitude of needs. The more proficient your skill as an Illusionist becomes, the more truly you will share the characteristics of the thing you are mimicking.

Squee’s Mimicry

You cast an illusion, taking on the likeness of a random object in the environment within X meters of you. This illusion is quite effective and will fool most NPCs who see you, causing them to ignore you.

Squee’s Grand Foolery

Epic Ability. Enchanters can evolve Squee’s Mimicry into Squee’s Grand Foolery, casting the illusion on all members of their group for X duration.

Rend the Mind

You rend your target’s mind with a burst of mental energy, dealing Magic damage and restoring some Mana to you and your group members.

Malison’s Crushing Grip

Applies intense pressure to your target’s brain, causing Magic damage over time. While active, your target’s Magic Resistance will decrease by X every Y seconds.

Malison’s Lucid Dream

Epic Ability. You empower your ally’s imagination, causing their abilities to have no resource cost for the duration. When you cast this ability on your ally, it will automatically apply Malison’s Lucid Nightmare to your Offensive target. You may not cast this ability on yourself.

Malison’s Lucid Nightmare

Epic Ability. You take control of your enemy’s reality, causing all of their attacks and abilities to have no effect. This ability shares the same duration as Malison’s Lucid Dream. If this target is not killed while Malison’s Lucid Nightmare is active, all resources your Defensive target has spent during its duration will be retroactively lost. Additionally, the collective damage done to this target while the effect was active will be discharged in full at a random member of your group

Illusion Graft: Harm

You graft an illusion into your enemy’s mind, overwhelming them with the sense of being harmed. While active, your target will be inflicted with Magic damage over time. The damage of this ability will not break the Mesmerize effect. Any damage beyond what this ability inflicts will break the illusion and cause this effect to end.

Illusion Graft: Exhaustion

You graft an illusion into your enemy’s mind, overwhelming them with the sense of exhaustion. While active, your enemy’s Strength and Agility will be reduced by X and their Attack Speed will be reduced by Y%.

Eyumai’s Dulling

You weaken the materials in your enemy’s weapons, lowering the damage they are capable of dealing.


Silences your enemy, making them unable to cast spells for X duration. This ability also interrupts spell casting.

Forceful Will

You dominate your target’s will, reducing their Magic Resistance by X and giving it to yourself for Y duration.

Control Breath

You slow your target’s breathing and calm their mind, reducing the likelihood that they will assist their allies in battle.

Ghaven’s Wild Display

You release a surge of mental energy all around you, stunning all enemies within X meters of you for Y duration.

Foolish Fire

You create a wisp of enchanted light that darts and dances around your target, Mesmerizing them. After X seconds the wisp will begin traveling aimlessly around the area with your target following. Target will remain Mesmerized until the effect ends. You may end this effect at any time. Any damage to the target will break the effect.


You mesmerize your target, completely incapacitating them for X duration. The duration of this effect can be increased based on your Charisma and Constitution. Any damage will break the effect.


Epic Ability. The Enchanter can evolve their Mesmerize ability into Fascinate, allowing them to mesmerize multiple targets at the same time.


You attempt to infiltrate your target’s mind, allowing you to take control of them for X duration. The chance of a successful Charm and the length of time the Charm will last can be improve based on your Intelligence, Constitution and Charisma.

Dire Charm

Epic Ability. Enchanters can evolve their Charm ability into Dire Charm, which is harder for your target to resist and has an innate chance of permanently charming your target. This chance will stack with Mental Terraformer. Permanent charm will break when you die or zone.

Shock and Awe

Confuse your target with bizarre imaginings, causing them to attack the nearest enemy for a short time.

Thought Thief

You infiltrate the short-term memory of your target and completely erase their Hate list.