Weapons of Terminus: Part I

We’ve all been there before: answering the call of adventure with nothing but sheer determination, some tattered clothing, and, if we’re fortunate enough, a pretty terrible excuse for a weapon. This hardly inspires confidence in a world where Giants roam, Orcs slay and Dragons soar, but even so, it’s a point of pride to keep progressing from that wooden stave to a rusted axe, to a shimmering steel sword. At Visionary Realms, we feel that the satisfaction of upgrading your equipment should look as good as the accomplishment feels.

We recently spoke to our resident blacksmith, Will Barry, about the design process and inspiration behind the weapons of Pantheon. Will has been hammering away on his anvil at the virtual forge, creating a variety of swords, maces, staves, axes, and shields that players will wield in Terminus. He recently took a break to chat with us about his work, and while he wasn’t looking we managed to sneak out with some designs and concept art.

Will tells us this first batch of arms will include “several individual weapons each with their own texture and color variations.” He goes on to say that he has “sheets full of concepts that are set to begin production in the next couple of days.” The arsenal we’re bringing to those wide-eyed and daring adventurers continues to grow rapidly.

Will says that weapon modeling is similar to that of armor and characters. It starts with conceptual drawings from our in-house artists. He then brings them to life with his experience and familiarity with texturing and Substance Painter to give the concepts a realistic look. Weapon creation includes Retopology— a process in which a lower resolution topology is taken from a higher resolution mesh. This helps with performance while still giving gear a high-res look. The weapons are finally put in an engine set up where light and shader testing occur. The process usually takes 1-2 days depending on the complexity of the piece.

Will’s hard work is paying off, as you can see from this first set. Even the basic weapons feel as if they’ve been hand-crafted by the inhabitants of Terminus, using raw materials found in the world. Note that each item shown here is an original asset that is unique to Pantheon.

What will you wield in the world to come?

..and now it's time to meet this month's signature character!