Ding! Pantheon's Newsletter gains a +1 to Content!

Posted date / 04.11.18

By the time you read this, our team will have been back from PAX East. While the logistics of putting together a live event like PAX are intense, the resulting time spent with fans, both long time supporters and first time converts, is one of the greatest joys in creating virtual worlds. The outpouring of support, interest, love and critiques that we garnered this year is the virtual wind that powers the sails of Visionary Realms and keeps us full speed ahead towards our goal of crafting the next generation of immersive, massive and community focused gaming.

We kick April off right as we introduce the Ratkins in the inaugural edition of our new series of Rogues' Galleries, an insightful overview of the various inhabitants of Terminus. Next up we pull the curtain back even farther as we send our own David Schlow to track down one of the most integral, yet fairly anonymous, members of our team - our Chief Technology Officer and Lead Programmer in a little piece we call 'Checkin' in with Daniel Krenn'.

We had so much fun at PAX we decided to throw in an extra feature this month, and it's a good one. We sat down with Jared, Justin and Tim for a card game and talk politics - hah! No, seriously, we gathered up this collection of misfits and got them to mostly spill the beans about the zone that had everyone at PAX East so excited - Black Rose Keep.

And never ones to disappoint, we wrap up our April Newsletter with our newest Community Member Spotlight - Beefcake!

Thanks for reading! Let's sneak over to the Rogues' Gallery! Let's do it…