Pantheon Grass Tech: A behind the scenes look at our implementation and workflows

Posted date / 12.13.17

Have you ever stopped to think about how much work really goes into creating a game with the scope and magnitude of Pantheon? We are certainly aware of the character models, the bright and shiny armor and the towering castles that make up our favorite world, but what of the smaller details? The wind blowing the leaves on the trees or causing the grass to sway? What about the grass itself? Surely that's a simple process, right? When attempting to create a world as immersive as Terminus, nothing is left to chance. This month Bruno Rime takes us on a look at our creative process through the lens of the grass beneath our virtual feet.


A key area of the Unity engine that we want to develop further is the standard Unity grass. We feel there are several ways we can improve on its systems in both quality and performance, while maintaining a focus on streamlining our workflows.

To achieve our goals we had to improve in three main aspects:

  • Runtime Draw & Management
  • Design & Editor Workflows
  • Art & Content

Runtime Draw & Management

Design & Editor Workflows

Art & Content