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    November 29, 2018 6:46 PM PST

    I’d like to propose a somewhat radical idea, implementing a guild reward system that would also allow guilds to host weekly harvesting tournaments.  In past titles, guilds have been able to earn rewards as well as rank up through member experience or by completing weekly challenges/quest.  Pantheon could introduce a similar system that would also allow guilds to earn enough experience to purchase the ability to host a weekly harvesting tournament.  Limiting them to weekly events would keep them somewhat rare and feel special.  The system would allow guilds to spend experience points they earn to host a tournament type of their choosing.  They could also use experience points to purchase rare or limited unlocks to awards as prizes.  Examples might be a pickaxe that when carried provides an alert to the holder through perception system when it is near a certain metal/ore or provides an additional unit yield when harvesting a specific metal.  Other items might be cosmetic like a sweet looking miner’s hardhat or fishing vest.

    Tournaments could be instanced preventing outside trolling and allowing multiple guilds to host them simultaneously.  Pantheon is likely to have a sophisticated guild window based on a past post by Kilsin.  This window could also provide a tournaments tab for players to sign-up to upcoming events.  Ideally, the guild hosting the tournament would only be able to fill a limited number of contestant slots, say ¼ of the tournament roster.  If for example the tournament permitted 20 contestants, the hosting guild would be able to pre-slot five members and the rest would be randomly selected through the community sign-up.  The system might also allow the host guild to spend additional points to send out up to five invites to players outside the guild.  This would permit guilds to invite certain rivals or bring in the top-rated players on the server to compete in a high skills tournament.  There could also be a leaderboards system where the VR could host a best of the best tournament at the end of the year.      

    Zone design would be specific to each harvesting type, though would likely need to include a weigh or evaluation station as well as a winners’ podium. Spawns would be random with skill-based elements contributing to greater yields.  Estimated tournament time would be one to three hours.  The harvested materials would disappear when zoning back to the game world to avoid an influx in unregulated materials to the global market.  Once the time limit for each tournament is completed there would be a 15-minute window for turn ins and the winners would then be announced.  Some type of visual ceremony would occur with the top three participants standing on the winners’ podium.  This would permit guilds/players to take screenshots of the completed event. 

    Why I like the idea:  First, it promotes guilds and teamplay. Second, harvesting and fishing are major components in MMOs but aren’t limited to them.  I currently spend a significant amount of time hunting and fishing in Red Dead II for example.  This would be a new component that simply builds on MMO staples without totally reinventing the wheel.  It could be implemented with fairly few resources but has the potential to be impactful.  It would be unique to Pantheon and If done correctly could be highly conducive to streaming.            

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    November 29, 2018 9:30 PM PST

    I think this would be fun! But I think something like this would work so much better when they come out with the player made/run dungeons in the future that they talk about. That could create an endless amount of ways to host all kinds of events especially if they give you the right tools to make it happen. You could make obstacle courses, battle arenas, treasure hunts, races, and of course a crafting event like you are talking about plus so much more!

    Without the player made dungeons though I just don't think it would be as impactful and would be extremely hard to plan out without interference. Great idea though and I hope when they make player made dungeons they keep something like this in mind.