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“What We Know” The Scribe

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    November 11, 2018 6:56 PM PST

    “With the game in such early development these Harvesting, Crafting and Specializations are subject to change without notice.”

    This is the best Video available now for the descriptions of Crafting and Harvesting. A big thanks go to our very own Bazgrim at BazgrimTV, and to Senior Game Designer Corey "Ceythos" LeFever for this interview.

    So, what do we know about the Scribe? Not a whole lot I’m afraid, but we do have a basic idea from the information that we do have. The Scribe will be a tradeskill that allows the player to create spells, tablets and runes for players in Pantheon.

    The Scribe will have two specializations available to them later as skills increase.

    They can choose to become a Researcher: This specialization focuses on the study and creation of different types of spells. These spells could possibly consist of our class spells. Maybe these spells will be something we need for certain areas in the game. It is possible that this specialization may also cover cartography, if this is included in the game. [as of Aug-2017]

    Or they can choose to become an Engraver: This specialization focuses on the study and creation of different types of Tablets and Runes. These could possibly consist of items regularly needed for spell research such as in EverQuest. Maybe these will be needed to enchant armor or weapons. While little more than speculation at this point, it is rumored that should counterfeit currency be included, it would come within the auspices of this specialization. [as of Aug-2017]

    As the game moves along in development we will learn more specifics about the different tradeskills that will be available to us. So, hang in there and as soon as we know more, you will know more. If you haven’t yet, go watch the interview on Bazgrim TV, just follow the link above to watch a very descriptive discussion about Crafting. Any ideas you have on what you think the Scribe should be? Please post and share them with us.