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    September 13, 2018 5:51 AM PDT

    I feel that each unique race should have a cultural type of crafting that reflects who and what their race is. From armor to weapons to consumables these should make each race recognizable from all other races. It should reflect the long journey they have taken to be where they are today.

    After reading the September newsletter I came across a section that led me to go back and think about cultural crafting again. I have always loved the idea of cultural crafting and I really hope it makes an appearance in Pantheon. This is the section of the newsletter that caught my attention:

    Knowing that the Skar were also of a tribal nature helped us row things away from that classic Undead vibe. Another factor that helped paddle us in the right direction for this race was a nod to crafting materials--specifically materials that only this race would use (or dare use!) We’ve tried to come at every race in this way by identifying a certain natural material that is native to them or perhaps even a process with said materials that is uniquely handled by a certain race. For example, with the Dwarves, Coldark Steel is one such material that undergoes a highly unique bonding process to become what it is: a process that has influenced a great deal of Dwarven culture and therefore the look development too. Likewise, with the Elves, whose Ashcrafted weaponry forms a cultural signifier that has become synonymous with being Elven in Pantheon. They are points of difference that inform costuming and outfitting, and in some cases speak to their very identity and origins. So, it was also with the Skar…

    Their hazardous practice of bathing armor plating in corrosive chemical treatments to produce fearsome metal discolorations identifies them as a race which places emphasis on having a terrifying visage, with no regard for living tissue (or safety standards). This unique process of acid washing their armor in the toxic pools of Skargol made for a fine point of difference and was certainly a fun concept to play with when considering palette!

    I see many crafting possibilities arising when I read this section. The idea of every race having a certain natural material that is native to them or perhaps even a process with said materials that is uniquely handled by a certain race. Coldark steel as a crafting material that after the proper steps in forging would make crafted dwarven armor appearance uniquely their own. Ashcrafted weaponry could be the result of intricate woodworking that would reflect the look and feel of the Elven races. The acid washing process could be a multi stepped crafting process that you would use to achieve the look and feel of the Skar race.

    The opportunities for cultural crafting are unlimited for the development team at Pantheon. As information is very slowly released to the fans, we can only hope for certain tradeskill and related crafting ideas to possibly be implemented in Pantheon. Personally, I love the idea of cultural crafting in MMO’s and I have my fingers crossed that it will make it into the game at release. Are you a fan of cultural crafting? Would you like to see this implemented in Pantheon?

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    September 13, 2018 7:06 AM PDT

    Great post!

    I 100% agree with all of it. I would also like to see Cultural Crafting, for a game like this it almost seems it is a must. I hope the team gets right on this as it could really create that differance in MMO's that Pantheon needs to seperates itself from its competitors for the better.

    Again, great feedback Shyin.

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    September 13, 2018 7:58 AM PDT

    On the other side of the fence on this based off my first knee-jerk.  Racial or Cultural crafting sounds fine in terms of adding flavor to the whole spectrum of crafting. But and this is a big one, I feel it must stay limited TO the character of THAT race as far as ability to craft (not against a human learning an ogre recipe for completionist reasons as long as the human cannot make it). This falls into exactly the same vein as Racial Abilities and should be treated as such. Now a character of that race can make a piece of Racial/Cultural styled gear for another character of a different race if they wish but I would prefer not to see an Elven craftsmaster making Skar racial gear.

    This is another one of those tension points that were often present in older games- your choices matter and you can never do everything. So roll your character wisely on day one and deal with your choices for the rest of that characters life.

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    September 13, 2018 8:41 AM PDT

    Cultural recipes are a great way to introduce horizontal progression both for crafting and for different gear types.

    I would have each recipe have a generic look and a look for each culture.  A crafter has access to both the generic and their races look from the beginning.  A crafter can then learn how to craft other races cultural gear but it is a lengthy and challenging process to earn the right, additionally there will either be a material or crafting station requirement that will require you to maintain good faction.

    Additionally I would have the items themselves have a flag that requires the player is of said race or trained in wearing the racial armor.  Training in racial armor is something that players can choose to do through the faction/quest system if they want the look.

    I could also see having the different cultural recipes having some passive bonus unique to that races gear but it would be a secondary stat and not a primary stat that would make an item BIS.  This would give you a combat reason to earn the right to wear another races armor but not a mandatory reason.

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    September 13, 2018 8:53 AM PDT

    This is a small team . I am sure that they have thought about cultural crafting (which was also a great thing in EQ) but we'll be probably happy if some sort of crafting V.1.0 makes it in game at release at all . 

    We don't know what is planned for the release date but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a whole list of features planned for future expansions and cultural crafting among them .

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    September 13, 2018 9:41 AM PDT

    Cultural crafting that increases look options but does not affect item balance is a great post release content option.  It could either come in a major patch or as part of an expansion.