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Crafting Nostalgia

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    September 7, 2018 7:37 AM PDT

    Like many of you out there when looking back over your crafting career in MMO's there are some defining moments, or crafting experiences that linger around in your memory. This could be anything from a tradeskill that you thoroughly enjoyed that isn't in your current MMO, to achieving a milestone in one of your crafting professions.

    Of course, EverQuest tradeskills will always be my earliest and first experience with crafting and I have many great memories of these tradeskills but there are also many others. Many of us Old School Crafters have played and crafted in many MMO’s as they have come along. These are where we have gathered all these Nostalgic moments in our memories.

    I have one favorite memory that always comes back of me playing my Wookie and going around making collections on my moisture evaporators in Star Wars Galaxies. I have another great memory of planting and harvesting from my gardens in Lord of the Rings Online. And there are many others along the way in my MMO crafting career right up to making Trigger for my pet battles in World of Warcraft.

    Now, while waiting on Pantheon, I am doing something very exciting that is not available in some of our past MMO’s because many of them have been shut down. I am living the crafting Nostalgia again that is EverQuest on the Project 1999 - Classic EverQuest Server. I am thoroughly enjoying the Nostalgic adventuring aspect of the world while working and perfecting my different crafting professions.

    We have an opportunity on the way now to add many more Nostalgic moments to our growing list of memories when it comes to crafting that is Pantheon Rise of the Fallen. The developers are working tirelessly to bring us a game that will meet or exceed all our crafting needs and wants. I am personally getting very excited to see what they have in store for us when it comes to tradeskills in Pantheon.

    What are some of your Nostalgic Crafting memories of past MMO’s?