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Reward vs Effort

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    August 29, 2018 4:43 PM PDT

    I have had a very productive week when it comes to my different Tradeskills. I have been working towards being able to craft the highest-level Cultural Armor sets available to Dwarves. To raise your skill level once you reach that high you need a Cultural Temper for every combine you that you make. Instead of attempting to purchase these from other players I chose to create them myself. As mentioned in an earlier post I had managed to gather 7 of the rarer components needed to make Earthen Temper for my Cleric Blacksmith. The crafting skill needed in this case is Brewing. Earthen Temper doesn’t become trivial until 135. As you can see from these images I took the time to raise my brewing skill an extra 15 points to 150. I was hopeful that this would give me less of a chance to return a failure when combining.

    Once I had gathered up all my materials I was ready to combine them. I was quite nervous at this point because I had only been able to gather 7 Lava Rocks. These Lava Rocks are quite hard to get at my adventuring level of 45. As you can see from this next set of images I was exceptionally lucky and had 7 good combines with no failures. I now have my first 7 Earthen Tempers created and put aside for my Blacksmith once his skill is high enough to use them. I will continue gathering these materials as I will need 100’s of these tempers before I reach the highest level of Blacksmithing.

    My next step was to get back to work on raising my Blacksmithing skill. As I am still crafting Fine Plate at this level in my skill I went back to work on just that. For each combine that I do for armor one leather padding is needed. These are created from combining Silk Strings made from Spiderling Silk and Low-Quality Pelts. I went out hunting and harvested the Pelts myself. I purchased the Spiderling Silk from another player that had been farming these items to sell for profit. That’s how a good player driven economy works. You can see in this image that I was able to create a total of 106 Leather Paddings for another 106 combines.

    As you can see from the next image that after completing my combines this morning I was able to increase my Blacksmithing skill to 190. That is a very respectable skill level and I am very proud of it.

    The ratio of skill points increased for these 106 combines comes out to around a skill point for every 7 combines. I am completely happy with these results. Does this seem to you like a fair and balanced reward for the effort involved?