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Live Q+A

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    August 18, 2018 7:34 AM PDT

    For anyone that missed it there was a live Q&A at with @Aradune - Brad McQuaid and @Joppa_VR - Chris Perkins last night. The show went a full 2 hours which is quite long for most chat shows. A lot of community members came out to watch and chat about Pantheon. It was a great show and if you didn’t see it you should check out.

    Of course, I was watching to see if any new information would come out about crafting, and sure enough we have a little bit more to add about scavenging which falls under the harvesting tradeskill. Not an exact quote but this was the general example given. After you have cleared an Orc camp you can rummage through any of the orc belongings. When doing this there will always be a very, very, rare chance that you might find something of unbelievable value and rarity. This could be an item or even a recipe for an example. What a great way to combine adventuring and tradeskills together in the game world.

    Also mentioned last night was that most items, ammunition was referenced here, would mostly be of the infinite type so you don’t have to worry about carrying hundreds and hundreds of stacks along with you while adventuring. No possibility of the running out of ammo scenario that can happen when not using an endless supply. But from the crafting side of things they mentioned as an example that if a Ranger wanted to craft his own arrows that would be more powerful or of a certain type of dmg etc. that he would be able to do just that. Also mentioned was some consumables would not be of the infinite type. I assume that it could possibly cause an unbalance if allowed to be that way.

    Well that’s it for now. As always, I will do my best to keep my eyes and my ears open to any information that comes out about crafting and pass it along to the crafting community.