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MMO Dream Team

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    August 7, 2018 7:43 AM PDT

    In case you missed it, last night was the MMO Dream Team playing Pantheon. Along with Chris Perkins @Joppa_VR were @Docgotgame @fevirgaming @ForceStrategy @vressgames @TheHiveLeader. This was a great time and I really had a lot of fun watching it. Go check out the replay’s it’s well worth your time.

    The most interesting part for me was the chat that was taking place during the game play. As I followed along with both I saw a few snippets of information from Brad McQuaid @Aradune that I found interesting and I wanted to share them with you.

    The first snippet was from a question about edibles and this was Brad’s response: There will be special edibles like (Holy Water) and other things that will buff you. Is that going to be the real name of that item, (Holy Water)? Will these items be player crafted? Unfortunately, that was not discussed but as crafters we can continue to hope that they will.

    The second snippet was about potions and this was Brad’s response: Potions are for emergencies and you can only use a few at a time… then a long cool down. The type of potions was not discussed but it makes me think of health and mana potions possibly as an emergency use item. Will these items be player crafted? Unfortunately, that was also not discussed but the same goes for these items, as a crafter we can continue to hope they will.

    All in all, is was a very enjoyable time watching these players just dropped into the game world with very little knowledge given to them beforehand. After a rough start they got it together and they played and streamed on 5 different streams for almost 2 hours. Absolutely go check out the replay videos if you haven’t yet. We also learned a little bit about what could possibly be some player crafted items. We will just have to wait and see if this is true when more information is released.

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    August 13, 2018 2:44 PM PDT

    in regards to Edibles buffing you: i'd imagine they would be craftable by the craft specialization stated as Provisioner.

    Potions: they are probably going to be very similar to other MMOs in this regard how health and mana pots have a 1-2 minute cooldown. though maybe they could make them on a 30 second cooldown, but every potion after the first in a 10 minute span increases the cooldown by 15-30 seconds, or the affect is 10% less effective, that way you lose efficiency and waste more money if you try to rely on them? perhaps have the alchemist specialization recieve a passive that reduces detriments/sideaffects of over-consumption?

    i'll certainly be hopping in on all future streams aif i'm home, might miss this weeks but i'll catch every one after live :D