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What's got you going about the reveal?

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    June 20, 2018 6:08 AM PDT

    What doesn't have me going?  Paladin was a big deal for me, it has been my go to class in any MMO with them.  Vanguard was the best I have played and I had hope that this one would at least be as fun as that...and it sounds like it will some how be even better. 


    I think nscheffel is probably right though - regardless of intentions when it comes to raids, it sounds like the Warrior will have an edge, as a result hardcore min maxers are going to prioritise them for 'general raid' content as the go to tank, not that others cannot do it but that it will be easier with a Warrior.  That said, a smart raid design would ensure that while any tank class can do all the encounters, there is enough variety to ensure each of the tanks would shine (as the design goal is for all tanks to shine in specific encounters, it makes sense to have said encounters) - as opposed to an entire raid zone clearly preferencing a DL, another a War, then another the Pally.  Far better to have the situations crop up in each raid as long as the lore makes sense to do so (Pally could be more tricky if Undead is where he shines for tanking - which it sounds like he does). 


    If your plan is to be the bees knees of tanking, then a safe bet would probably be to go Warrior so that you do not have to worry about making your own Guild to avoid the min/max prejudice that will inevitably turn up.  I will stick with Pally, I am perfectly fine being a mix of off tanking, Main tanking and trash tanking.  So long as we do not end up with a Vanilla WoW situation where poor Pallies had to put a dress on and play heal then all is good.


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    June 20, 2018 6:59 AM PDT

    Kilsin said:

    FYI for those who missed it, Joppa was asked on Twitter about Tank viability:


    Redpill "Dragon Energy" Shark‏ @RedPillShark

    Will all classes be "Raid tank-able" or more warrior or bust in raids?


    Chris Perkins‏ @Joppa_VR

    Replying to @RedPillShark @PantheonMMO
    Yes. The goal is for all 3 Tanks to be viable Raid tanks. Only caveat is some will shine a bit more than the others in specific encounters, or specific moments within encounters. But at their core, they will all 3 be suitable for the job.

    Thank you for chiming in with this. It certainly seemed like that's the balance you're striving for, but it's nice to see it said. I would fully expect that it's the goal that nobody would feel shortchanged for picking any one of the three tanks instead of another. However, some people will feel that way regardless of anything that is or could be done.

    I'm actually really interested in Joppa's statement that some tanks will shine in "specific moments within encounters". I think tanks have been used quite simplistically in most games and my hope is that this means you're going to make encounters that require multiple tanks working together to handle specific moments rather than a simple "this is the Paladin tank fight".

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    June 20, 2018 3:06 PM PDT

    A simple example would be a humanoid raid boss that you kill but it turns out that was only part 1 of the fight and it raises some moments later as an undead, so the original MT swaps places with a Paladin (assuming the original MT wasn't already a Pally). 


    There are tons of way to do it though. While FFXIV doesn't generally require specific tanks a lot of the fights are designed in a way that the tanks have to swap at different times in the fight due to stacking debuffs or other mechanics. 

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    June 20, 2018 3:44 PM PDT

    Another thought -

    This will definitely not be the rule, but I imagine many paladins will grind more in undead areas. I think this is so awesome, as it fits so well into the fantasy themes. It will be really cool to see the forces of paladins battling against the undead in the unholy zones. Makes the world come more alive!

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    June 22, 2018 8:53 AM PDT
    I’ve always loved the paladin but they were absolutely terrible in EQ in my personal opinion (which was the sole reason I went SK... only to later find out that they weren’t just an evil paladin like their class description originally presented). Perhaps I will be maining pal this time around!