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OS requirements?

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    March 18, 2018 7:58 AM PDT

    hello, i was looking at some other newer games(like Sea of Theives) to play until Pantheon gets going at a faster pace.  Now, SoT requires Windows 10.....what is the OS requirement for Pantheon and what are the general specs for computers going to be to handle this game? Maybe i  missed it and didn't look hard enough, but still appreciate an answer. TY.



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    March 18, 2018 8:49 AM PDT

    Nobody knows yet, I believe they'll have a better grasp probably during alpha when a lot of people get into the game and are able to test it with different hardware/software combinations.

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    March 18, 2018 9:30 AM PDT

    They have indicated that you won't need a bleeding-edge system to enjoy the game.  

    Sea of Thieves is a Microsoft title and uses Unreal Engine 4.  It's not a good comparison with Pantheon for requirements.  MS is going to push their user base to Win10 any way they can.

    If you want an idea of how the game is likely to perform on your current hardware, try a new title that's using the same Unity engine as Pantheon.  Until recently I was running Subnautica and Empyrion (both Unity-based titles scheduled to release in 2018) on my 2012 vintage GTX 680MX 2GB video card and getting decent resolution and good playable frame rates.  FWIW, my system is a Mac that I used to dual boot into Win10 for occasional gaming.   I just built a new bleeding edge Win10 system and I can honestly say that after the initial wow factor of the resolution bump, the games are no more playable or enjoyable than they were on the Mac.

    If I had a crystal ball, I'd suggest that Pantheon is going to play nicely on Win'7 with 8GB of RAM, i5 processor and any modest video card such as a GTX 1050/1060.   It's in VR's interest to make the game available to the widest possible audience and if current trends continue with GPU and RAM pricing, a lot of folks are going to be sitting on their current hardware much longer.