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Voyage of the damned

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    December 4, 2017 2:44 PM PST

    My mind wandered this morning while working out so I thought I'd toss out a scenario to the inclined toward crafting. I'm expounding on a thought from an old thread regarding a crafting epic scenario that might truly emphasize crafters. This is just an idea, feel free to contribute or not.

    So a crafter, upon reaching master status, is informed by the npc master that he has taught his pupil as much as he can. With a little prompting player is informed about rumors of a band of grandmasters of crafting, living in isolation, honing their respective trades to unknown levels. Only a group of masters working in concert can hope to reach this land, for ultimately it is determined to lie on an island beyond the "Troubled sea". With this scenario a group of dedicated master crafter would set out on a voyage to reach this land, and have to overcome a series of random events that would require crafting as the only solution. The Troubled Sea would live up to its' name by presenting perils that must be dealt with to ensure success of the voyage. Extreme winds could causing a main mast to crack, causing a carpenter to make necessary repairs. A torn main sail could require a tailor to spring into action. Alchemists, anti sea sick remedies. You get the idea. Broken rudders, recipes to prevent scurvy, replace lost anchors... the point being to try and tax the abilities of crafters to reach "the unreachable island".

    I'd try and make it as crafting specific as possible, perhaps the only type ship the could reach the island would be player made. Shoals would make typical craft incapable of reaching it but a specially crafted craft, requiring components made by master crafters of course, could navigate these shallow waters, under ideal conditions. These conditions could require choices be made to undertake the voyage. Take your favorite heavy anvil, probably a luxury you can't accommodate, but perhaps that anvil made of rare lightweight ore would do the trick. Provisions would have to be thoughfully stocked so as not to encumber said ship. Those problems to be encountered sailing the Troubled Sea, damage can be mitigated to a point, but after that point is reach your ship will be riding to low in the water to navigate the shoals. Time to sail back to port and learn from your experience for a future attempt.

    Not sure as to how epic to make this. Perhaps when you reach said island you find your respective grandmasters. They give you a quest on the island, but resources are scarce, you must rely upon upon skills to endure and complete quest. Maybe you could be left with the choice of sailing back out without completing this point of your epic, due to starvation, or experiencing reduced success rates should you choose to stay. Provisioners could lengthen your ability to stay with recipes acquired. In my mind I'm kicking around the idea of this island as a crafting playground, you hone your skillks there, but at the cost of remaining there and not adventuring. You would rely on other crafters for your needs. Adventuring would be limited to only obtaining resources, weapons would be of little use except when gathering a resource, perhaps a needed hide. Gathering and harvesting would serve you well here. Fishing might eventually land provisioners a rare fish, poisonous if not prepared correctly. In short the island would emphasize non lethal skills as much as popular. An area for crafting "raids"...

    Hopefully you get what I'm going for here. Crafters helping crafters survive for crafting sake. I wouldn't make this the only way, but as an alternative to those that feel the only way is to go on a raid to get the very best.

    I tried to leave room for discussion, again this is just to get the creative juices flowing from crafting folk as to the possibilities. I have other thoughts but would like to let folks weigh in and see what direction this takes. Be gentle:)

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    December 4, 2017 3:34 PM PST

    An epic boat ride for tradeskill survivalists. I like it :) Perhaps others not on the quest could also go to help (maybe of a certain skill or having already did the quest), because I see it becoming problematic at some point trying to find the right crafters/enough people to go. What if there was raid content on this island as well, and you could bring along groups of adventurers with you because that was the only way of getting there? That way more people would be doing this quest on a regular basis.

    Crafting raids would be awesome too. Maybe mix it with the regular raid. Crafters build the siege weapons or barriers while the adventurers fight off invaders etc. I think eq2 had something similar but I was always by myself so I worked really slow through those instances.

    But perhaps going this way would make people feel forced to level a tradeskill so they can do this sort of thing.

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    December 4, 2017 5:45 PM PST

    Neat idea :)  I don't have much to add right now, though I guess it would be thematically appropriate to say:  "I be likin' the cut o' yer jib" :)

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    December 5, 2017 8:26 AM PST

    Nephele said:

    Neat idea :)  I don't have much to add right now, though I guess it would be thematically appropriate to say:  "I be likin' the cut o' yer jib" :)


    lol very appropriate