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    October 25, 2017 2:12 AM PDT

    Im not sure if this is the best Subforum for my Idea, u decide.


    I thought about Upgrading and Crafting in General and remembered Diagea Weapon/armor Upgrades where you Teleport into the Item and Fight trough. The more Levels you pass or do specific Tasks your item increase in Power.

    Comming to Pantheon i could imagine a Smith creates a Crude Hammer (10/40) (dmg/delay). The Iron is impure and more or less bad Quality. So with some Magic involved you or your Group is put on or in the Item you want to Purify. There you can hunt "Iron Impurites" or a Combatless system where you ran around and "Work" stuff out. Or combine both so alone you can do the Combatless parts and with Group the ever harder Growing Impurities. The more you can kill or Work out the better becomes the Purity of your Item. 

    This way solo you can have a "polished Crude Hammer"(11/40) or with the Group a "Fine Crude Hammer" (10/35) and Combined a "Fine polished Crude Hammer"(11/35) Of course u can have other effects if you want its just an example. I would not allow this system to all items that would be overkill. A limitation to one or two specific Item Slots like Weapon and Offhand, or Juweliery (but different bonuses) should take place.


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    October 25, 2017 6:50 AM PDT

    I'm not sure I would tie it into crafting, but the idea of weapons that become better through use has been explored before in MMOs.  LOTRO did this with their legendary stuff (I think it was called that) though the system got really convoluted after a few iterations.  FFXIV does this with their relic weapons to, in a way, but that's more of a progressive quest that upgrades the weapon each time.

    Anyway I think it's a good thing to have in a game in moderation, but I wouldn't want it to be a common thing.  More common might be "reforging" - you have a sword you really like, and after using it for a while, it starts to wear.  But you can go get some shiny ore and have a smith reforge the blade for you into a better one.  That kind of thing.

    My opinion :)

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    October 25, 2017 1:04 PM PDT

    I do like Hiobs idea. But I can also imagine a group gets teleported into the cleric's hammer.

    Hammer falls to the ground.

    Someone come along and see's a hammer just lying on the ground and picks it up.

    Your adventuring o what ever inside the hammer then all of a sudden wham your upside down as the person on the outside is using you hammer to hit a spider.

    One finished your task you leave the hammer, then have an arugument with the person holding the hammer saying it's yours when he says he found it an no one was around ... You get into a fight over who's hammer it is. He hits you on the head with it and kills you.

    Darn he says this hammer is now better then when I picked it up...

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    October 25, 2017 3:23 PM PDT

    sounds a bit too much like instancing, but I like that idea that usage improves, but wears
    what about faction? the first game I came across that used blessings to better a weapon was BaK; so, imbueing weapons with favor by faction to purify?