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    May 31, 2017 7:46 AM PDT

    Greetings VR,


    I had a quick question about the translation of Pantheon. Are you guys going to rely on the community or are going to hire people/firm for that purpose?

    The reason I ask is because I'd be willing myself to help out with the translation. French - English.



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    May 31, 2017 10:11 AM PDT
    I am willing to do this as well. I can translate from English to English.
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    May 31, 2017 10:23 AM PDT

    shasta said: I am willing to do this as well. I can translate from English to English.


    Considering that sometimes it may be hard to understand people because of their... ahem. I can see that. :P

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    May 31, 2017 6:36 PM PDT

    Hey Nore, as per the FAQ ( we have said this:

    1.16 Will the game be localized? Where will the server(s) be localized? If there is a US and EU server, will there be a region lock?

    The answer is “most likely.” We’re unsure of the timing yet, but we’re in talks with other publishers that could help us out with that. Everything in our database is set up to support localisation, so it’s just going to be a matter of timing and when it makes sense to do so.


    So translation will most likely be via a publisher at a professional level, it unlikely we could ever allow community input due to the legal restrictions of adding third party content into our game, it starts to get messy so for now, our answer remains the same as in the FAQ. :)


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    June 1, 2017 5:40 AM PDT

    No worries. The only reason I asked was because a few years back I was part of the translation team that was community driven for Warframe. It's only very much so later that they decided to switch for publishers per say.


    But thank you for the answer. I didn't realize this particular line meant that. :)

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    November 11, 2017 3:13 PM PST

    I looked around for something like just this topic...
    As Kilsin points out that translation will go through a professional 3rd party... so I don't need to contribute.
    That said, IF any translation is to be done in Dutch, I will definatly scrutinize it.
    My personal experience is that translations (to and fro Dutch-English) usually are done cheap, fast and thus often wrong.
    With a transliteration you get close, but need that touch of what was oringinally meant; that's often lacking.

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