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Cratable Buffs

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    October 22, 2016 11:25 AM PDT

    Weapons and armor are craftable. Clothing, tools, and even crafting tables, forges, and the like are craftable. Housewears, artistic and practicle, are craftable.

    Carts, wagons, boats, ships, harnesses, and tact for a variety of transportation needs are craftable. Consumables of many varieties and needs are craftable.

    There are potions, and spell books, totems, and scrolls.


    But what about craftable buffs?

    There could be a huge variety. The sky is the limit. They might have components that are mixed and matched at the discretion of the crafter, making them completely unique to the individual imagination of the crafter. Progression in skill could give a stronger effect and or longer duration to the components of the buff. Higher skill levels could open new unlearned buff components. Perception might play a huge part in the entire ability to produce new buff creations/components.

    I could not begin to list all the ideas that could be intertwined into a crafted buff implementation.

    So, craftable buffs? What do you think?

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    October 22, 2016 11:29 AM PDT

    Oh well, the title was supposed to say Craftable Buffs, not cratable... sorry. Maybe Kilsin can fix it if he has the tools. Unless perhaps he thinks it is funny and then by all means leave it. I'm getting a good laugh at myself right now for writing it that way.


    On a side note: I was thinking about race/class specific craftable buffs as well. Dwarves might construct a beer drinking buff that makes the user immune to certain types of poison for a duration twice as long as any other crafter.

    A cleric may have a bonus to crafting healing charms or protection from spell breaking interuptions for healers only.

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    December 26, 2016 2:18 PM PST

    I do not see the difference between scrolls, potions, totems, food, and your idea of craftable buffs. Aren't they all just craftable  buffs?