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It is ok to steal.....

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    January 1, 2017 4:13 PM PST

    I profess I like adventuring myself over crafting, but even I have to admit VG's crafting system was above and beyond anything I've seen.  It was simple enough that anyone could get into it, but could quickly become complex depending on what you wanted to do.  Crafting your own ships for example, just freaking awesome.

    Vanguard's spheres of development was just way before its time in my opinion.  Or maybe not before its time, but should be something heavily emulated.

    The dagger merchant idea is pretty cool.  Possibly even hiring a merchant would make sense if you were a dedicated crafter.  You basically could set any of it's market settings including what you want it to buy and sell and at what prices with.  Allowing it to resell anything it acquires at higher rates too.  Think if you set your merchant to purchase crafting goods at a fair market price.  You could acquire mats while you are working on crafting and the merchant would have it's own kind of bank.  At first it might only be able to hold so much materials, but then you purchase a warehouse allowing you to hold more goods, even have it shipped to other towns.  Could create a robust market for crafters.  As an example a desert town might not have a lot of lumber, but ... nevermind this is going more into a different sphere if growth, like a player merchant.

    But I like the ideas mentioned around the merchant concept.

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    January 2, 2017 2:59 PM PST

    Benny said:

    Loved the crafting in Vanguard, (getting A items YES) Must say that Lotro also had alot of fun crafting to enjoy :) 


    Same here, and I kind of thought that Lotro was good too...could plant seeds for veggies/flowers that you could use for other things like potions and what not.  

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    January 2, 2017 11:13 PM PST


    I love the comments on VG. I did not see any comments on SWG. I thought the depth and level of complexity were another great examples of what to do. For those that are familiar with both VG and SWG, think about a hybrid combination between the best of both worlds… Add the possibilities of spell casters enhancements and we get into the realm of giddy delight!!!