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Dress clothes

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    September 25, 2017 5:50 PM PDT

    I feel like there's three separate topics happening in this thread :)

    1) Cosmetic clothing - Yes, absolutely yes.  Whether it's for roleplaying, screenshot parties, or just playing dress-up with your friends, there should totally be cosmetic clothing for characters.  Preferably crafted/craftable, and in-line with game lore.  But I don't think anyone should really be able to get away with wearing it on a battlefield.

    2) Glamour/Transmog/Appearance systems.  I'm on the fence here.  I agree that I don't want to see people running around in snowstorms fighting monsters while wearing bikinis.  But at the same time I do feel like people should be able to customize their visible equipment at least a little bit, so that they don't look exactly the same as everyone else.  In my head I want to say the answer is - don't let them replace the appearance of an item entirely, but do let them dye it to the color they want, or maybe give them a couple of styles to choose from?  That is, there's the heavy winter cloak, the fur cloak, the fur-lined jacket, and the parka.  If you're going into the snowfields you need to be wearing one of them, but they all do the same thing so pick the look you like.

    3) Equipment used/worn while crafting.  I am absolutely in favor of crafting and harvesting gear with stats specific to crafting and harvesting, ala Vanguard and FFXIV.