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Warrior animation for Battering Ram

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    September 26, 2019 2:46 PM PDT
    Hello VR, I was rewatching the Cohh stream from when he was playing the Warrior and showed up coming warrior animation.

    Are you going to alter the battering ram animation to lead with the shield instead of the open shoulder? For some reason it threw me off seeing him attack with the least weaponized portion of his/her body.
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    September 26, 2019 3:01 PM PDT

    The ability probably doesn't require a shield. Also, I can't think of a way in which one could use a shield in this way without increasing the risk of personal harm by breaking the arm holding the shield. 

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    September 27, 2019 5:31 PM PDT
    Here some ideas and if you saw the shows from History Channel where they battle tested some weapons in Deadliest Warrior Spartan Show and then a recent show "Knight Fight" there are some good body checks with shields, but can't embed the video, so I sent a link to the shows. The guy who goes by Bam Bam has good shield and no shield bashes in the of the fights.

    Below are some snippets and fun Giphs.

    Knight Fight: /> />
    18 seconds: />
    Other Gifs:
    1) /> 2) /> 3)
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    September 27, 2019 6:01 PM PDT

    Of those links that work they look more like shield bashes or just shield attacks, not really the same thing as a battering ram maneuver. Acting as a battering ram you are trying to ram as much of your mass as solidly as possible at whatever the target is, so the shoulder is used and the arm is tucked to the body to protect from injury.

    In reality it's a bad idea to do as you risk dislocating your shoulder and kicking a door is more effective, though I can't say if that would change should someone be covered in padded plate armor.

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    September 29, 2019 4:56 PM PDT

    I'd prefer if the battering ram was done without a shield since the warrior can use all weapons.  There are already a lot of skills that "require" a shield.  We can't use modern logic/combat mechanics too much in a video game... a humanoid likely can't shoulderslam through a stone wall; with or without a shield, let alone do things like swim in armor or vanish from sight just because they step into a shadow.  

    I get what both of you are saying, but let's not require too much realism :)

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    September 29, 2019 10:20 PM PDT

    Totally agree Darch, basically just want something better looking for the current animation lol

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