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“Crafting and the Community” w/ Mica Does Stuff

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    July 2, 2019 9:24 AM PDT

    On this weeks “ Crafting and the Community ” we are spotlighting community member “ Mica Does Stuff ”. A huge thank you from Old School Crafters to " Mica Does Stuff@micadoesstuff " for taking the time to answer these few questions for us.

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    Remember to check back each week as we spotlight a different community member.

    1) Do you enjoy crafting or are you more of the adventuring type?

    I am more the adventurer but I always, always craft as well and will max out crafting on my main and alt jobs.

    2) What was your first experience with crafting in an MMORPG?

    FFXI was my first mmo that I crafted in. Mostly woodworker but also tinkered in a few others such as leather and weaving.

    3) Do you have a favorite type of crafting and if so why?

    I think each game has their own take on it but I think ffxiv handles it the best with the ability to hq or nq, fast craft and such. I also like that I can omnicraft on one char, although I still do it on all my alts as well, cause I cant help myself.

    4) Are you excited with development of the crafting and harvesting skills?

    I haven't looked too hard at Pantheons crafting/harvesting system yet. Its one of those things that I know I will do anyway, no matter how its done, so atm I haven't delved too deep into it, lol.

    5) And lastly, how important of a role do you feel crafting should play in Pantheon?

    I like crafting being an option but I don't think it should be a requirement. I almost prefer raid drops over crafted items for high end gear mainly because when crafting items are the high end you have a handful of players monopolizing the sales of everything. Maybe improving the high end gear or even creating low-mid range gear would be good, but I always feel crafted should never be the top. There are plenty of other aspects crafting can be made important in as well, like housing or glamour items. As long as its not neglected and has a worthwhile niche.

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