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“Crafting and the Community” w/ Solitude

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    April 9, 2019 8:13 AM PDT

    On this weeks “Crafting and the Community” we are spotlighting community member “Solitude”. A huge thank you from Old School Crafters to "Solitude@EmpathicBlue" VIP & Supporter of @PantheonMMO for taking the time to answer these few questions for us. Be sure to check out Solitude here:

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    Remember to check back each week as we spotlight a different community member.

    1) Do you enjoy crafting or are you more of the adventuring type?

    I would have to say neither more than the other. I am surprised at how often crafting and adventuring are discussed, but the whole dimension of harvesting rarely is. I do enjoy crafting and adventuring almost equally. However, one of my most favorite things to do is to harvest and gather the resources for crafting and crafters. I can literally spend hours upon hours running around, harvesting nodes. I guess it helps to sooth the hoarder in me. I’ve been known to lag behind a group because I have such a hard time leaving anything harvestable behind. I would love to see a little more expansion and creativity on the harvesting platform, as a whole, in gaming.

    2) What was your first experience with crafting in an MMORPG?

    My first real experience with crafting would be when I played Star Wars Galaxies. This was my first official MMO game, and it was where I learned the basics of playing an MMO. The crafting system was very unique and ultimately has been the best system I’ve liked so far. The variety of traditional professions and some not-so traditional professions (Bio-Engineer being an example of one) really kept my interest going.  Going back to my statement about harvesting, I loved SwG harvesting. Every week, the resources would shift throughout the galaxies, and you’d have to search for the good places to set up your little factories to harvest. I really enjoyed the interactive shifting of the resources which resulted in a lot of exploration and pure fun for me. In addition, the resources would vary and change with their quality. It made things very interesting, and crafting with a resource with higher quality would produce variable quality crafted items. 

    3) Do you have a favorite type of crafting and if so why?

    When I’m crafting, I usually stick to the more consumable type professions. Such as food, drink, potions and poisons. I have found in most games, that dropped gear is routinely better than crafted gear, so I stay away from the armorers, weapon makers and the like. I do like scribing or book making, if it is available.

    4) Are you excited with development of the crafting and harvesting skills?

    I am very excited. Harvesting is a must and highlight of enjoyment for me and my gaming experience. Crafting is a close second, along with adventuring. I am hoping that Pantheon puts a robust crafting/harvesting system into place, as I feel most games do a traditional hum drum line and pay little attention to that whole aspect of gaming.

    5) And lastly, how important of a role do you feel crafting should play in Pantheon?

    Crafting and harvesting isn’t for everyone. But it is a key element in my gaming time. Especially harvesting (If you haven’t gotten that hint yet!!). So, in my opinion, it is very important and can be the deciding factor for me in making the decision to play or not play a game.