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March Newsletter

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    March 20, 2019 9:27 AM PDT

    This month’s newsletter has a little information for the crafting community, check it out:

    “In terms of game systems, things are being fleshed out there too. Senior Designer Corey LeFever has completed a deep design on crafting and CTO & Lead Programmer Daniel Krenn and his team presented a first pass of it this past week. It’s a very basic system right now. This iteration is serving as placeholder so we can block out the tools and UI needed for the full system, which will come later. Sorry, crafters—no full crafting system yet, but it’s now blocked out in game, so it’s coming!”

    This is great news, blocked out in game and useable. It’s always good to see a little bit of news about the crafting system.

    “And that’s what’s happening at Visionary Realms this month. Soon we’ll be able to play through the special event, climb the walls, craft some equipment, and enjoy some magical sparkles. Can’t wait to share more in April!”

    All you VIP crafters work the blocked out crafting system hard, find the bug’s and break it if possible so the Dev’s can keep updating and moving forward. Thanks for the update, awesome as always.