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The Mis-Adventures of Shyin and Ellos

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    March 12, 2019 4:23 AM PDT

    Chapter Two:

    I decided to travel to the land of Kunark in search of a rare crafting item that I need for my racial crafting. Unfortunately, this item also comes from animals, this time from the vicious Sabertooth Cat family. I hope Tunare can find it in her heart to forgive this lowly Ranger for these atrocities. These cats only live in certain areas of Kunark, one being The Lake of Ill Omen. The name given this place does not sit well with me, it sounds very foreboding.

    I inquire with a local resident to find the most secure trail to reach my destination. I am told that I must follow the river north of town to the lake. But I was warned to be cautious of the local spider population that roamed that area. As I headed up river I ran across these spiders, I believe they wanted to have me for an afternoon snack. I feared that I would not survive this journey. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me and barely made it to the lake in one piece.

    Mean Spider

    Sure enough upon exploring the area around the lake I came across a cat and eagerly jumped into combat. Little did I know at the time that I had chosen what must have been the GrandFather of the cats for he dispatched me rather quickly with those huge fangs and sharp claws. I shall be a lot more cautious with the next encounter.

    GrandFather Cat

    The hides that I need to for my crafting come in two varieties, the Sabertooth Tiger Hide and the Excellent Sabertooth Tiger Hide. Out of these two varieties the rarer is the Excellent Sabertooth Tiger Hide. This hide is the one that is needed to help fill that large gap in tradeskill points. I have been hunting these cats for hides while I can still get experience from them. This is my preferred method of gathering crafting materials and I find it much more enjoyable this way.

    Question for the week is this:

    Would you rather gather your crafting materials while you are still able to get experience from the mobs you are hunting?

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    March 13, 2019 10:28 PM PDT

    1. I hope to gather crafting resources even without encountering mobs or having to kill them. Making me hide and run around killer mobs for harvesting makes it all the more exciting. That said of course there is room for crafting resources to be bodydrops only.

    2. If I'm to kill mobs in order to get resources then it would be my preference to earn some experience from them. Although that doesn't have to be heaps of it.

    3. Killing greyed out trivial mobs in order to get my craftering resources is definately not in my wanted list. I'll however do so when I'm going back to earlier recipes and content for the fun of it. But that would be at a point where I've hit a brick wall and want to experience old things again or help out others with my older products.

    4. Based on the knowledge that harvesting resources of different 'categories' will be spread out across certain climates, I expect to encounter mobs that are red and grey to me while I'm harvesting for the same resource. 

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    March 14, 2019 7:38 AM PDT

    @Barin999 - 1

    I agree totally, having to stealth around all rogue like is definitely a lot of fun and a huge challenge, it can be very enjoyable.

    @Barin999 - 2

     I try and level my character while farming tradeskill materials whenever possible. I know it doesn't work out that way all of the time so I take advantage of it when I can.

    @Barin999 - 3

    There will always be times when you have no choice but to farm grey mobs. Sometimes you will need to craft items for use with other tradeskills that are only dropped my lower level mobs. For example in P99/EverQuest leather padding is constructed with spiderling silk, the lowest level of the spider family in the game.

    @Barin999 - 4

    Agreed, this goes back to #1 and puts us back into that stealth mode which should be a part of gathering resources.