THe Warrior

Available Races


Dark Myr







Much more than a soldier or mercenary, the Warrior seems to defy limits of physical strength, ability and resilience. However, she is not content with fortitude alone, but refines her mind as well, becoming a master strategist amidst the mayhem of battle.

Group Role: Tank, Utility

Combat Resource: Battle Points, Resilience

Battle Points - Warriors can accumulate up to five Battle Points represented in the UI by a row of five shields, filling one at a time as Battle Points are accumulated during combat. Warriors will then be able to use these Battle Points to perform heroic feats during battle.

Resilience - When all of the Warrior’s armor, natural toughness and magical enhancements have been applied, Resilience is the final layer that sits on top and represents the Warriors skill in leveraging all of these elements in defending themselves. A Warrior with high Resilience who knows how to maintain it in the heat of battle is unrivaled in raw, physical durability. Therefore Resilience is not a resource that Warriors spend; rather, they work to keep it as high as possible during combat, or to build it up again if it breaks down.

Available Armor

All armor including full platemail. Warriors can gain a 20% bonus to their overall Armor Class through the Armor Proficiency skill.

Available Weapons

All weapons, though Warriors are most suited for using shields in their off-hand, with several of their Tanking abilities requiring shields.

Featured Abilities

War Horn

You sound an ominous war horn, either inflicting fear in your enemies or inciting them to face you in battle.

The Will to Live

Your will to live surges forth, increasing your Dodge and Parry chance, granting a bonus to healing effects cast on you and locking your Resilience to full for the duration of the effect. (Uses 1 Battle Point)

Resilient Leader

Passive Ability. A portion of your Resilience is restored when you receive healing from a member of your group.


You charge at your enemy with furious speed, stunning them briefly. Only usable out of combat. (Grants 1 Battle Point)

Close the Gap

You leap to your enemy’s location up to 8m away. Only usable in combat. (Grants 1 Battle Point)

Battering Ram

You summon your immense physical strength and rush forward, breaking through certain barriers in the environment that have grown weak and unstable. The higher your Strength, the more types of barriers you will be able to break through.

War Hero

You rush to the location of a group member to rescue them from imminent danger, transferring a portion of the enemy’s current Hate towards them onto you. If your Charisma is above a certain threshold, the group member's actions will generate less hate for a short time. (Uses 1 Battle Point)

Battle Formations

Warriors can command several Battle Formations to enhance their group in different situations:

Conquest (Useable when an active enemy enters a fleeing state)
The Conquest formation boosts the melee and spell casting speed of your group by a small amount. (Uses 1 Battle Point)

Regroup (Useable when a member of your group dies)
The Regroup formation boosts your group’s movement speed slightly and refreshes all of your cooldowns and your defensive target’s cooldowns. (Uses 1 Battle Point)

Unyielding (Useable when you are in active combat with 3 or more enemies)
The Unyielding formation boosts the Armor Class of all group members, transfers X% of all damage taken by the group to the Warrior while active and restores a portion of your Resilience each time you slay an enemy. (Uses 1 Battle Point)

War Banners

The Warrior is capable of planting a variety of banners in the ground, providing a wide array of beneficial and detrimental effects to friends and foes nearby.

Challenger's Banner
Group - Increases the resource generation rate for the Melee classes in your group.
Self - Causes your Resilience to replenish automatically at a rate determined by your Constitution.
Enemies - Your attacks generate additional Hate on enemies in range of this banner.

Banner of Arms
Group - Improves the chance to hit with melee attacks.
Enemies - Your enemies are less likely to dodge your group’s melee attacks when in range of this banner.

Shieldman's Banner
Self - Increases the damage reduction of your Shield Block ability.

Rallying Banner
Group - Reduces the duration of control effects afflicting members of your group.
Enemies - Increases the duration of control effects applied by your group on enemies in range of this banner.

Banner of Onslaught
Group - Improves the critical strike chance and damage from melee attacks.
Enemies - Your enemies become more vulnerable to physical damage when in range of this banner.

Banner of Havoc
Enemies - Your enemies are less likely to hit with Ranged attacks when in range of this banner.

Battle Cries

Howl of the Warrior
After performing a critical strike, you can unleash a booming howl that guarantees your next attack will be a critical strike that also causes your enemy to bleed. (Grants 1 Battle Point)

Breaker's Roar
Frees you from all loss of control effects and makes you immune to them for X duration. (Uses 1 Battle Point)

Rageful Shout
You unleash a rage-filled shout, allowing you to use Taunt without cooldown for a short time. (Uses 1 Battle Point)

Melee Abilities


Taunts your enemy, briefly forcing them to attack you and generating increased Hate for that duration.

Shield Slam

You slam your shield into your enemy, disorienting them with a high chance of interrupting their spell casting and a small chance of stunning them briefly. These chances can increase based on your Strength, Dexterity and Shield Mastery. (Grants 1 Battle Point)

Shield Block

You raise your shield to meet your attackers, dramatically reducing the physical damage you receive for 2 seconds and converting X% of it into Resilience. If timed correctly, you will reduce the damage of an enemy’s Devastating Attack by up to 50% based on your Strength, Constitution and Shield Mastery. Certain shields may have material properties that can reflect magical damage when using Shield Block. (Uses 2 Battle Points)

Wall of Shields

Link shields with another Warrior in your group or raid and incite all enemies in a 12m radius to attack both of you. For the duration of Wall of Shields, enemy damage will be mitigated using both Warrior’s combined Resilience. Both Warriors will take the same damage per hit after mitigation while the effect lasts. (Uses 3 Battle Points)

Angering Blow

Strike your enemy in a provoking manner, making them angry. While angry, your attacks will generate additional Hate. (Grants 1 Battle Point)

Strike of Breaking

A fierce, well-placed strike that lowers your enemy’s Physical Mitigation. (Grants 1 Battle Point)

Shoulder Crash

Slam into your enemy with a vicious, close quarters attack. If your enemy is at 30% health or less, you will gain the Upper Hand, restoring some of your Resilience and increasing your Strength by 20% of your overall health for a short time.