THe Shaman

Available Races






It is rumored that Shamans live in every age at once. It is a second sight, allowing them to sense the threads of energy woven through Terminus’ past. It is this unique gift that allow Shamans to discern the ancestry of friend or foe, wielding this knowledge in the form of powerful Boons - or frightful Banes.

Group Role: Healer, Support, Utility

Combat Resource: Mana, Vision

Shamans gain Vision as a percentage of the effective healing they perform on themselves and their allies. The more Vision a Shaman accumulates, the faster their spell-casting speed becomes, up to a total of X%. This is represented in the UI by a closed eye in the character portrait. As a Shaman’s Vision increases, the eye will progressively open until full.

Available Armor

Light Mail

Available Weapons

One-handed Blunt
Two-handed Blunt
One-handed Piercing

Featured Abilities

Chase the Wind

Wind Boon. You summon a gale of wind to propel you forward, greatly increasing your Movement Speed by X% for Y seconds.

Primordial Bonds

Passive Ability. Your healing abilities will also heal you for X% of the effective healing on others.

Keeper of Elemental Mysteries

Passive Ability. You receive an X% bonus to your Healing abilities for each Elemental school you have active on an Offensive target (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Animus, Ancestral).

Ancient Focus

Passive Ability. Because of the Shaman’s temporal freedom, their Health and Mana generation rates do not slow while in combat.

Agewalker's Companion

Every Shaman begins their journey with a Spirit Companion, usually in the form of a Spirit Wolf Cub or a Spirit Bear Cub. In this form, the Spirit Companion will stay by your side, but will not interact with your enemies or the environment in any way. At level 10, the Shaman will lead their Spirit Companion through a Rite of Passage, turning the cub into its adult form. In this state, your Spirit Companion begin aiding you in battle at your command. It will also grow in strength as you do, gaining access to a host of unique abilities along the way.

Agewalker's Gift

Passive Ability. Upon death, you will enter an ethereal state for X duration before returning to your bind location. While in this state, you are undetectable to your enemies. Also, you may interact with your physical corpse by dragging it to a different location within X meters of where you died. When this effect ends, your Defensive target will regain x% of their Max Health and Mana. You cannot drag the corpses of other players while in this state. You may use Part the Veil while in this state.

Part the Veil

You guide the spirit of a fallen ally back to their physical body, restoring them to life. Causes Resurrection Sickness. Cannot use this ability while in combat.

Using this ability while Agewalker’s Gift is active will restore the fallen ally to life with full Health and Mana and is usable in combat. When used in this way, this ability will not cause Resurrection Sickness.

Primal Fury

Ancestral Boon. Fills your ally with primal fury, increasing their critical strike chance of physical and magical abilities by X%. While active, every successful critical strike will further increase their critical strike chance up to Y% for the duration of the effect.

Grip of the Crags

Ancestral Boon. Imbue yourself and the members of your group with the nature of the ancient Mountain Dwellers, increasing Strength and Stamina by X for Y duration.

Reptilian Veil

Animus Boon. Imbue yourself and the members of your group with the nature of the ancient Dragons of the Sea, increasing Poison and Disease resistance by X and the natural Health Regeneration rate by Y% for Z duration.

Mark of the Fireclaw

Fire Boon. Imbue yourself and the members of your group with the nature of the ancient Dragons of the Air, increasing Fire and Nature resistance by X and Agility and Dexterity by Y for Z duration.

Skymane's Momento

Wind Boon. Fills your ally with the nature of the ancient Skymanes, increasing their Attack Speed by X% for Y duration.

Interlocking Stones

Earth Boon. You create a network of interlocking stones around yourself and the members of your group, increasing Armor Class by X for Y duration.

Adept's Theory

You peer deeply into the ancient mysteries of Terminus, increasing your Wisdom by X for Y duration.

Cleansing Flame

Carefully apply a plume of fire to purge your ally of a Poison or Disease.

Walk the Ages

Mark a moment in time, leaving an imprint of your spirit where you are currently standing for X duration. When you activate Walk the Ages again, you will instantly return to this location. You cannot cross zone lines with this ability.

Healing Abilities

Mantle of Mist

Water Boon. A powerful ability that heals your ally over time, recovering up to X% more Health with each pulse the longer the effect lasts.

Gift of the Rainlands

Water Boon. You send forth a rush of restorative waters, healing each member of your group over time for X duration. If Mantle of Mist is active on the target, the healing pulses of this ability will critically heal.

Hand of Aivelu

Primal Oath: Water. Amplifies a Water Boon on an ally, creating a surge of healing waters that directly heals your target ally for a moderate amount and the members of your group for a small amount.

Gate of Forgotten Eras

Ancestral Boon. You open an ancestral gateway around a member of your group. While this gateway is active, the group member is unable to move and all damage against them will be delayed for X seconds. When the gateway closes, the total damage will be dispersed evenly among your group. Only usable on yourself or a member of your group.

Hurry the Past

All healing over time abilities on you and your group members will instantly finish their durations, directly healing their target for the remaining amount. These abilities are then refreshed on their target as if they were just applied.

Offensive Abilities

Shackle of the Dust Eater

Ancestral Bane. Inflicts your enemy with the nature of the ancient Dust Eaters, decreasing their Strength and Stamina by X and slows their combat resource generation by Y% for Z duration.


Wind Bane. Bombard your enemy with cross-cutting winds, distracting them and reducing their Aggro and Assist Radius by X meters for Y duration.

Sting of the Scorpion

Animus Bane. A Bane of potent venom, damaging your enemy over time with Nature damage and making them more vulnerable to Nature-based attacks.

Fang of Harune

Primal Curse: Animus. Amplifies an Animus Bane on your enemy to release a surge of deadly venom into their veins, inflicting Nature damage.

Choking Thirst

Water Bane. A Bane that sucks the moisture from your enemy’s body, damaging them over time with Nature damage and making them more vulnerable to Poison and Disease-based attacks.


Water Bane. A Bane that drenches all enemies in the target area with viscous moisture, slowing their movement speed and disrupting their health regeneration for X duration. Causes affected targets to become Wet.

Wreath of Coals

Fire Bane. A Bane of excruciating flame, damaging your enemy over time with Nature damage and making them more vulnerable to Fire-based attacks.

Scorched Fog

Primal Bane: Fire. Amplifies a Fire Bane on your enemy, creating a dense cloud of black smoke that obscures their vision, slowing their attack speed by X% and making their melee attacks more likely to land as a Glancing Blow for Y duration.


Earth Bane. You erode the earthen elements within your enemy’s armor, reducing their Armor Class by X for Y duration.