THe Paladin

Available Races



Once a Cleric themselves, the Paladin has felt a call that transcends the rigid customs of the Cleric Order. Led by their convictions, the Paladins set off on their own to carry out their righteous judgment as they see fit.

At its core, the Paladin is a plate-armored, melee specialist imbued with celestial power. This enables them to wield spoken rebukes with awesome effect. In addition, by shedding the dogma of the Cleric Order, they have devoted themselves to the study of arms and armor, giving Paladins renowned ability in defensive combat. Perhaps most iconically, the Paladin is driven by an unquenchable hatred of Undeath, a flame they have stoked into a ceaseless pursuit. Thus, a Paladin is never more fierce than when they stand face to face with Undeath.

Group Role: Tank, Utility

Combat Resource: Wrath, Reckoning Points

In combat, Paladins will gain Wrath as they take damage from enemies. Paladins will also gain an amount of Wrath based on their Constitution every time their group slays an enemy. Also, certain abilities will increase a Paladin’s Wrath by a certain amount when used. Other abilities will have a Wrath cost in order to be performed.

In addition to Wrath, Paladins will be able to generate up to 3 Reckoning Points represented in the UI by a row of 3 suns, filling one at a time as Reckoning Points are accumulated during combat. Paladins will then be able to use these Reckoning points to perform heroic feats during battle.

Available Armor

All armor including full platemail

Available Weapons

One-Handed Edged
One-Handed Blunt
Two-Handed Edged
Two-Handed Blunt

Featured Abilities

Sense Undeath

Passive Ability. When Undeath is nearby, flames of celestial light will begin to flicker around the Paladin.

Venger's Vow

Passive Ability. You cannot be stunned by Undead enemies.

Knight’s Persuasion

You leverage your charismatic presence to persuade a target Humanoid to lay down their arms for the sake of peace. If successful, immediately ends combat and makes target Humanoid friendly towards you for a limited time. The higher your Charisma, the more likely a successful persuasion will occur. (Uses Wrath. If successful, restores the Wrath used and generates 1 Reckoning Point)


You sacrifice half of your health to resurrect a fallen ally. If you are below half health when you use this ability, you will be brought to 1 point of health and left in an Overzealous state, obstructing healing effects on you for X seconds. (Uses 2 Reckoning Points)

Fiery Aegis

You send a wall of celestial flame rushing forward, purging you of all Poison and Disease effects and knocking down all enemies in its path up to X meters. (Generates Wrath)

Wrathful Aegis

You radiate celestial flame that burns and laps at your enemies, generating X hate every second for all enemies with Y meters of you. (Generates Wrath)

Brilliant Aegis

You release a concentrated burst of celestial light, blinding your enemies for X duration. This ability can also serve as a brief light source in Atmospheres of supernatural darkness. (Generates Wrath)

Golden Aegis

You consolidate celestial light around you into a sheer barrier, making you invulnerable to all damage for a short time. (Uses 1 Reckoning Point)

Lightful Avenger

Passive Ability. In combat against an Undead enemy, your attacks will do additional Divine damage and have a higher chance to critically hit, your Wrath gains from abilities will be increased by X%, your Wrath gains from damage inflicted by Undead will be increased by X%, Undead who strike you in combat will take Divine damage and your critical melee strikes will generate Reckoning Points.

In addition, while in the Lightful Avenger state, all damage you receive from Undead enemies will be reduced by X% before your normal mitigation is counted. The amount of damage reduced by Lightful Avenger will be converted to health and spread evenly through the group as healing. This effect cannot occur more than once per second.

Venger Hymns

As a former Cleric, you remember the hymns that once filled the chambers of the Order. As a Paladin, you have left those halls in the pursuit of justice, but carry these songs and their celestial power with you into battle. Once activated, these abilities persist until you cancel them or choose a different Hymn.

Hymn of Devotion
All of your direct healing abilities will have a small heal-over-time component added to them.

Hymn of the Stronghold
Your group will receive X% of your overall Armor Class added to their own.

Hymn of Justice
50% of the Wrath you spend will be refunded when your Damage or Healing abilities critically land.


An ancient hymn that empowers the Paladin, amplifying the next ability they use:

Glory and Honor
The healing is applied to you as well.

Miraculous Shimmer
Heals the group member for X% of their missing health.

Resurrected allies will have more of their health and mana restored.

Arcing Light
Jumps to all group members before fading.

Living Light
Damages all enemies within X meters of you.

Melee Abilities


Incite your enemy to battle, briefly forcing them to attack you and generating increased Hate for that duration.

Fervent Strike

A powerful melee attack. If your enemy is stunned, this attack will critically hit and generate a large amount of hate. (Generates Wrath)

Lance of the Lightful

A sudden bolt of celestial light that impales your enemy before dissipating. This ability has a high chance to stun enemies that are fleeing. (Generates Wrath)


You imbue your shield with celestial light, increasing your chance to Block for a short time. If using a two-handed weapon, this ability will increase your chance to Parry. While Lightguard is active, your Blocks and Parries will stun the attacking enemy. (Uses Wrath)

Pommel and Cross

You strike your enemy with the pommel of your weapon, followed by a sweeping strike that damages all enemies in front of you up to X meters away. The initial pommel strike has a chance to stun that target. (Uses Wrath)

Glorified Self

You send forth a shining image of yourself to battle an enemy for a short time. The length of time your image will detain an enemy in combat will increase based on your Wisdom and Charisma. (Uses Wrath)

Miraculous Shimmer

You leave a shining image of yourself behind to detain an enemy while you move with miraculous speed to a location near the group member with the lowest health. The length of time your image will detain an enemy in combat will increase based on your Wisdom and Charisma. (Uses Wrath)

Chastening Blow

You imbue your weapon with searing light as you swing it into your enemy. This attack is able to strip profane and curse related enhancements from enemies. (Uses Wrath)

Hallowed Assault

Paladins can evolve their Chastening Strike ability into Hallowed Assault, allowing them to strip the Marks of High Mortals from their enemies. (Uses Wrath, Uses 1 Reckoning Point)

Edict of Celestial Fury

You recite a sacred word of power, reflecting the next melee attack or spell back at the attacker. (Uses Wrath, Generates 1 Reckoning Point)

Edict of Celestial Force

You recite a sacred word of power, hurling your target backwards up to X meters. The distance they are pushed is based on your Strength and Wisdom. (Uses Wrath, Generates 1 Reckoning Point)

Edict of Celestial Might

You recite a sacred word of power, pulling an enemy within X meters to you. (Uses Wrath, Generates 1 Reckoning Point)

Edict of Celestial Authority

You recite a sacred word of power that stuns your enemy for a short duration. This ability cannot be resisted unless target is immune to stun.

Healing Abilities


A swift burst of celestial flame that lightly heals your defensive target. (Generates Wrath)

Arcing Light

Instantly restores a small amount of your health, then jumps to two additional group members, healing X% more each jump. (Uses Wrath, Generates 1 Reckoning Point)

Living Light

You send forth flames of celestial light all around you, healing all members of your group. (Uses 1 Reckoning Point)

Glory and Honor

For X duration, Y% of the damage you deal to your offensive target is converted into healing for your defensive target.