THe Monk

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Dark Myr



The way of the Monk is a path of harmony between the body and the soul. Through longstanding discipline Monks have transformed their very being into resilient, living weapons which they are able to wield against their enemies with devastating effect.

Group Role: Melee DPS, Off-Tanking, Utility

It is through the Way of the Body that Monks develop the strength and control to perform their devastating physical attacks. Monks use strong, deliberate strikes with their hands, feet and martial weapons that focus vital points on their enemy and exploit weaknesses with crippling power.

But Monks do not rely on technique and muscle alone - they must also develop themselves internally, along the Way of the Soul. By cultivating this bond between their body and soul, Monks are able to manipulate their internal energy known as Chakra. This internal flow of Chakra is held back by a series of six gates, like water behind a sequence of dams. The Monk must learn to open these gates in order to wield their Chakra without limits, releasing it in a torrent of punishing damage, or in the form of powerful defensive and self-healing abilities.

The 6 gates are known as: The Gate of Anger, the Gate of Peace, the Gate of Sorrow, the Gate of Joy, the Gate of Balance and the Gate of Release.

Combat Resource: Chakra (6 Gates)

In combat, Monks will constantly generate Chakra as a percentage of the damage they deal. In addition, certain abilities will increase a Monk's Chakra by a certain amount when used.

As a Monk increases their pool of Chakra (represented by a resource bar that fills left to right, 0 to 100), they will open consecutive Chakra gates along the way (represented by segments within the bar) until all 6 gates are open. Some of the Monk's abilities will have a Chakra cost in order to be performed. Others will require a certain Chakra gate to be open and when used will expend all of the Chakra it has taken to open that Chakra gate.

Available Armor

Light Leather
Monk-Specific Martial Armor

Available Weapons

Martial Weaponry
Most Blunt Weapons

Featured Abilities

Elbow Strike

Attack with a quick melee strike.

Flurry Punch

Attack with a series of rapid punches.

Setting Sun Kick

A precise kick that slows your enemy's spell casting speed. (Generates Chakra)

Rising Moon Kick

A powerful kick that deals high damage to your enemy. If used within 10 seconds of Setting Sun kick, this ability will increase your Strength for a short time. (Generates Chakra)

Blast of Chakra

Release all of your Chakra in a violent explosion of energy, inflicting very high damage to your enemy. This ability will stun you and your enemy for 3 seconds. (Uses Chakra. Requires the Gate of Release to be open)

Mountain Pose

Your body becomes hard as stone, purging most Poison and Disease effects and increasing your Armor Class for 10 seconds. (Uses Chakra. Requires the Gate of Peace to be open).

Strike of the Wandering Wind

A powerful technique that inflicts your enemy with all of the Physical damage you have taken in the last 5 seconds and heals you for the same amount. (Uses Chakra. Requires the Gate of Balance to be open)

Kick of the Raging Gale

A flying kick that does very high damage to your enemy and knocks them back 1 meter. (Generates Chakra)

Kata of the Flickering Flame

A well-timed series of attacks designed to disorient your enemy, inflicting damage with each hit and reducing their hatred toward you.

Kata of the Wandering Wind

You align your attacks with the flow of your Chakra, dramatically increasing your chance to Dodge and counter-attacking every melee attack that does damage to you.

Iron Palm

A heavy blow to your enemy's head which angers them, generating high threat and causing them to focus on fighting you for 3 seconds. (Generates Chakra. Requires the Gate of Anger to be open)

Feign Death

You stop breathing and fall to the ground, appearing dead to most creatures.

Inner Fountain

Through intense concentration and strength of will, you completely fill your Chakra pool, opening all 6 gates.

Harmonious Bond

Perfectly align your body and soul, instantly restoring 10% of your total Health, increasing your attack speed and restoring an additional 15% of your total health over a short time. (Uses Chakra. Requires the Gate of Joy to be open)

Resonating Palm

A powerful strike that inflicts high damage and heals you for 60% of the damage dealt. This percentage of healing can increase above 60% based on your Constitution. (Uses Chakra. Requires the Gate of Sorrow to be open).