THe Druid

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The wild-eyed Druid has answered a dangerous call: to embrace the natural world of Terminus and peer into its mysteries. With the manifold fragments of other worlds and realms now on Terminus, the landscape is highly diverse and treacherous. For this reason, Druids are often revered as visionaries who can see beyond the fragmented terrain and into the heart of Terminus itself.

At its core, the Druid is a light-armored mystic who is able to draw out aspects of the natural world and imbue them into other living things or project them into their surroundings. But there is a fine line they must walk as they gaze ever-deeper into the secrets of Terminus. The Druids who learn to master these revelations are rumored to have incredible restorative abilities, while wielding the power to command the weather itself. Surely, there is rarely a display as awe-filled as this kind of fury when kindled.

Group Role: Healer, Support, Utility

Combat Resource: Mana

Available Armor


Available Weapons

One-Handed Blunt
Two-Handed Blunt
One-Handed Edged

Featured Abilities

Masae’s Gift: Hirode the White Fox

Passive Ability. As a preserver of the natural world, the Halfling Ward known as Masae has chosen to gift you with a mystical companion in the form of a small, white fox. Your fox is a manifestation of Masae’s own companion: the Great White Fox known as Herode. As you begin your journey, your soul will be bound to your fox companion, and her soul will be bound to you. Through this bond, the two of you will be capable of more and more powerful and diverse feats as you progress on your journey.

Harness Trait

Passive Ability. As a living conduit of the natural world, you are able to harness the Traits of natural things through tactile contact. Once harnessed, you may imbue these Traits into yourself and others. As you grow in power, you will be able to harness more powerful Traits from a wider variety of things. Only one Trait may be active on your target at a time.


Passive Ability. When an ally is under the effects of any of your healing abilities and they are healed by another player in the group, that healing effect will jump to another group member as well.

Wild-Eyed Wanderer

Passive Ability. Your covenant with the natural world has cultivated a unique sense of trust from the animals of Terminus, making most of them unlikely to attack you unless provoked.

Storm Warden

Passive Ability. It is said when a Druid is present, they become the heart of any storm. While a storm is active in the area, you will receive an X% bonus to the healing and damage you deal with abilities. (Outdoors only)

Storm Keeper

Epic Skill. Passive Ability. Your communion with the forces of nature is now absolute, allowing you to maintain your Storm Warden bonuses at all times, even indoors.

Imbue Trait: Black Wolf's Swiftness

You harness the speed and agility of the Black Wolf, allowing you to imbue these traits into your ally. This ability increases the Movement Speed of your target.

Imbue Trait: Oaken Regeneration

You harness the restorative nature of the Oak tree’s roots and branches. This Trait improves Health Regeneration and increases all healing your target receives by X%.

Imbue Trait: Panthra's Claw

You harness the deadly strength of the Panthras. This Trait greatly increases the Strength and Armor Class of your target and makes them nearly impossible to stun with physical attacks.

Imbue Trait: Swiftgill's Fin

You harness the aquatic nature of the Swiftgill. This Trait increases the swimming speed of your target and allows them to breathe underwater.

Imbue Trait: Vale Hawk's Grace

You harness the avian nature of the Vale Hawk. This Trait increases the target’s jump height and allows them to glide while falling.

Imbue Trait: Grizzly's Resilience

You harness the resilient nature of the Grizzly Bear’s frame. This Trait increases the Stamina and Armor Class of your target and makes them less likely to be stunned by physical attacks.

Imbue Trait: Thunderpaw's Resilience

You harness the resilient nature of the Thunderpaw’s frame. This Trait greatly increases the Stamina and Armor Class of your target and makes them nearly impossible to stun with physical attacks. (Replaces Grizzly’s Resilience)

Mantle of Leaves

You gather leaves to yourself and form them into a mystical cloak, making you invisible to living, non-magical targets. Outdoors only.


You ask a firefly to travel with you for a while, providing a weak light source.

Vinewoven Bridge

You form a bridge out of interlocking vines, allowing you and others to cross a gap that is too wide to jump across.

Wandering Stones

Explorers have noted the presence of ancient, iridescent stones that stand within shrines hidden amid the groves and wilds of Terminus. These stones have come to be known as “Wandering Stones” and are seething with Druidic magic. Because of this, it is rumored that Druids are somehow able to attune to these Wandering Stones and travel between them. And perhaps there is even more to these stones than most realize...

Healing Abilities

Verdanfire Seed

You plant a mystical seed within your ally. This seed protects the target by absorbing up to X damage based on your level. When this amount is reached, the seed will bloom and heal your target for the amount of damage it absorbed. Y% of the effective healing your target receives will be refunded to you as Mana. You may apply a Verdanfire Seed to as many targets as you like but only one seed may be active on a target at a time. Once the seed blooms and the healing is applied, you may not cast this ability on the same target for Z duration.

Preserver's Wildfire

You animate three tendrils of Verdanfire that lash around you wildly, damaging any enemy and healing any ally they touch. These tendrils grow longer and reach farther every second for the duration of the ability. You will be able to animate more than three tendrils based on your Wisdom, Intelligence and Constitution.

Vinewoven Grove

You encircle yourself with a wall of resilient vines. Enemies must deal enough damage to break through the wall before they are able to get to you. While inside the Grove of Vines you will regenerate X% of your Max Health for the duration or until the barrier is broken. Any movement will cancel the effect.

Weave the Wind

You weave the winds into a small tempest in front of your ally, stopping all physical ranged attacks from inflicting damage on that target for a short time.

Verdanfire Tree

You create a Verdanfire Tree at target location. All allies within a certain distance from the tree will receive healing over time. The amount of healing will increase dramatically the closer you are to the center of the tree. If Hirode’s Focus is active when you use this ability, the healing radius of the Verdanfire Tree will be increased for its duration. In addition:

• The amount of damage absorbed by Verdanfire Seeds will increase dramatically if target is within the Verdanfire Tree’s effect radius.
• Verdanfire Vines will also heal your group members for a small amount whenever they take damage if they are within the Verdanfire Tree’s effect radius.

Hirode's Abilities

Hirode's Flame

You ask Hirode to release a surge of Verdanfire into your ally, healing them for a moderate amount.

Hirode's Focus

You ask Hirode to focus her attention on you. In this state, Hirode will be able to amplify several of your abilities.

Hirode's Gaze

You ask Hirode to set her gaze on your enemy, reducing their Nature and Fire resistance and making them more vulnerable to your attacks.

Hirode's Presence

You ask Hirode to stand beside your target ally. While she is near, whenever this target receives healing, Hirode will also heal the target for X% of that amount.

Hirode's Shelter

You ask Hirode to stand beside your target ally. While Hirode is near, all healing this target receives is increased by X%. Additionally, this target’s actions will generate less Hate until you call Hirode back.

Hirode's Rescue

You ask Hirode to bring your target group member to the center of the Verdanfire Tree with supernatural speed. Hirode will leave a patch of rockvines where your ally was standing, rooting the enemies within X meters of that location for Y duration. You must have a Verdanfire Tree active to use this ability.

Hirode's Chrysalis

You ask Hirode to plant a mystical seed within your ally. When this ally takes damage that would kill them, this seed prevents their death and blooms into a protective chrysalis. While inside the chrysalis, target cannot be damaged and will emerge with X% of their Max Health and Mana restored.

Offensive Abilities

Call Lightning

You call a bolt of lightning to strike your enemy, inflicting Shock damage. If Call Lightning is used during a storm, strikes will inflict X% more damage and there is a chance for up to two additional strikes based on your Wisdom and your current level. Additionally, if the target is Wet each strike will be a guaranteed Critical Hit.

Verdanfire Vines

You grow a network of mystical vines around the members of your group. These vines will reflect X% of the physical and magical damage your group members receive back at the attacking enemy.

Verdanfire Spear

You hurl a spear of pure Verdanfire at your enemy, inflicting Nature and Fire damage. If Hirode’s Gaze is active on your enemy, this ability will Silence them for X duration.


You cause the ground beneath you to quake and roll, pushing all nearby enemies up to X meters away from you. If Hirode’s Focus is active when you use this ability, you may activate Vinewoven Grove without triggering its cooldown.

Rockvine Tangle

You cause powerful, thorn-covered vines to erupt from the ground and entangle your enemy, rooting them for X seconds and dealing moderate damage over time. This effect cannot be broken by damage. If Hirode’s Gaze is active on your enemy, this ability will crack your enemy’s defenses, reducing their Armor Class by X%.

Gust of Leaves

You send a strong gust of cross-cutting winds and leaves into your enemy's face, interrupting their spell casting. If Hirode’s Gaze is active on your enemy, this ability will cause the next ability that lands on this enemy to critically hit.